@ShashaSelflove 8/09/16 Into the Darkness


Photo Credit: David Allen davidallenblog.worldpress.com

I am tired, aren’t you?  There seems to be an unrelenting force that insists on dragging you across the coals, life is ironic in that you seek warmth but instead you get burned.

Hurts, those scars that no one can see hurt more than any laceration on your body. Stitches hold your skin back together and allow your wound to heal. But how can you stitch what you cannot hold? How can you soothe something that doesn’t think it can take anymore? You try to move forward, but that hook keeps digging into you and dragging you back. Aren’t you tired of getting burned? The hot coals peel away the skin and so much more. I am weary, my heart is on my lap in a thousand pieces, and it doesn’t make any sense because I didn’t give my heart to someone in that condition. My heart was whole, it was bright and beating, the robust palpation had a rhythm that sought to have someone match my stride. Instead, my toes were stepped on just like my hopes and my heart lost its pace, the time and change was been taken completely off track.

How do you bounce back? You don’t, there is no going back because to go back is to undo the message that life is trying to teach you. You push forward, through the darkness and into the light of the next lesson.

One thing that brings me back to a peaceful place is the knowledge that not everything is meant to stay in your life. You meet someone along the way, they join you on your path and they give you something. Once they give you what they are meant to share, it is time for your paths to split. It is hard to accept because you have them something as well. You planned to see your bond grow, to anticipate that your journeys would become shared. And then suddenly, you are alone on your journey – something that you thought was not going to happen, you didn’t see that coming. Hence, there is solace in that they were only meant to be with you so they can share what was meant to be shared and now it is time to continue on your way.

Perhaps they will join you again further up the path, your journeys may once again join together. Life is full of twists and turns, perhaps you are separating now because there are lessons that each of you need to learn at your own pace. But great things will happen for you both, regardless of where your paths will lead you. That is the detail about hope that many disregard – it is not a naïve or foolish concept. It isn’t that bad things aren’t going to happen, it is the idea that better things are coming up ahead. Hope gives you the inspiration and the strength to pull the energy that you didn’t know you had in you and make great things happen. You are getting ready to happen, don’t mark your journey with negative annotations – mark your path with lessons that you needed to learn. Realize that this is all part of something bigger, allow hope to boost you forward. Big hug!

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5 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 8/09/16 Into the Darkness

    1. Hello there Cleo, it is true and tough but the hardest lessons are often the ones that teach us the most. We go forward knowing that we have sharp tools in our utility belts!

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