@ShashaSelflove 8/16/16 No Such Thing


Photo Credit: Shasha Selflove

As the sun rises, it lights up the sky. The heat that emanates from a star millions of miles away warms the weather and tans our skin. The darkest moment in our lives is right before the dawn, the pitch black of the night is broken up into a rainbow lit sky, illuminating the glistening tears rolling down your cheeks. To say that there is no ability to move past the darkness of every night is to deny the sun the opportunity to shine, no such thing.

We have been able to overcome so many trials in our lives, we muster up enough energy to end relationships and defend ourselves when we thought we couldn’t. How can we deny for every challenge there is a way to push through with positivity and the assurance that this hardship will pass leaving you wiser for the experience. We have the chance to achieve great accomplishments is only we believe that we are here for a greater purpose. You have greatness in you, you have a fate that is embracing you and don’t forget that you have your tools to help you along the way.  The darkness is part of the light,  for you cannot appreciate one without the other. It seems like you aren’t going to crawl out of it, it seems that you are doomed to be under the cloak of midnight forever – when it is the right time you will come through.  You will, once you learn how to navigate the night. 

Pay attention to the beating of your own heart, it does not betray you – when you are startled it jumps,  when you are sad it hurts, when you are happy it dances and when you aren’t sure it slows down. Stay positive and focused, self doubt will try to seep its way into your thoughts – don’t allow it. Don’t take the easy way out and give up because you aren’t going to have a new tool if you don’t earn one. Trust that you have something bigger than you to accomplish,  know that there is someone admiring you through your struggle and believe that someone else is cheering you on. Big hug!


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