@ShashaSelflove 9/13/16 Rock Star


Carnegie Hall, New York City

When you are finally living your dream and your passion you are going to be terrified and elated for you will finally be living everything you own up to.  All your effort, all that you have sacrificed for is in your hands and you are now deed holder to. Now the hard part is keeping it.

So what happens now? You have gotten to the top, taken every step towards your goal with the seriousness that it deserves. Some around you are confused by your stride – they don’t get it but they are supportive.  Then there are those that act the part, so supportive and so willing to have your back – but do they really? They use your carefully earned gains to their credit, to push themselves forward without realizing the damage they do to you. It seems all like child’s play, but why allow yourself to sacrifice and toil just for someone else to receive the glory? No, if you wrote the songs and belted out every tune from your heart than you deserve to be the rock star. Get up on that stage and guiltlessly receive your applause.

It is exhausting and painful to fight two wars at the same time, the one within and the one waged on you when you decide to step out and shine. You can’t stop envy, you can’t possibly know what insecurities people have and how something simple that you are doing is triggering them. You can only control yourself, so focus on that.

There will always be someone doubting you, someone will always criticize and make fun of you for having a dream. You can either waste your energy fighting them off or you can choose to not give into their nonsense. Usually those that are telling you that you can’t do something are scared to take on their own dreams and goals. They don’t live and don’t want to allow anyone else to live either – frustrated and controlled by their fears we must shake off what they are saying and concentrate on our own situation. It will usually come from someone close to you, someone that you are respectful of their opinion but it is usually their fear that you will succeed in what you set out to do that will set off their jealousy. Look with your own eyes, you know what you are good at and that you have to potential to be great. Be the rock star that you are! Big hug!

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