@ShashaSelflove 8/30/16 Talk Dirty To Me

In the English language there are so many words that are dirty, you hear them and they envoke a certain response. Your ears perk up, your heart changes rhythm and even your palms get sweaty. They reasonate with you because you aren’t used to hearing them, as provocative as these words may be – you don’t want anyone to say them to you. 

And what dirty word would that be? Hmm..ever been called subversive?  Being a trouble maker with a cause has its charm, but causing trouble just because you feel like it is just being difficult.  You can resist all you want and protest you view until you are are blue in the face, but if you are wrong – then you are wrong. 

Let us try another word, liar. Ever been called a lair? It burns when it isn’t true, you are singled out because someone doesn’t agree with your opinion or what you have presented. So instead of having an intelligent rebuttal to whatever you took so much time to articulate, they don’t want to accept the truth as you have presented it. They don’t like that you are right,  they want to stay in their reality because that is what suits them. How dare you introduce an idea that displaces them from their self-fulfilling prophecy? You try to get them to see that the idea isn’t correct because you said so, that validity of it stands on its own – it just is a fact. They reject it, you have to know that they will come into their own wisdom at their own pace. 

Can you say another dirty word? Let’s go with coward, The Wizard of Oz shows us the cowardly lion. He represents so much, but I have to say that one of the worst character flaws to have is that of being a coward. See, it involves someone who appears to be brave and strong, when they are really shielding themselves with delusions and excuses. They never own up to their mistakes – master manipulators they often will figure out a way to make you responsible for situation.  Not fair to the well intended person who is clueless of the grand facade in front of them, mostly because most good people see the good in others – not an opportunity to entertain themselves. The coward builds on the strength around them, pumping themselves with confidence only to deflate when the going gets tough. They show up before the storm, they see it coming because they caused the insanity around you and they run for cover instead of being the loyal person you thought they were. 

So what do you do when you aren’t fully aware that these are people around you? Well, truth is that you are going to have to learn like everyone else that they exist – either something about them gives you a clue or they betray you outright. As painful as these experiences are they are necessary,  please let go of them and hold on to the lesson this experience has taught you. Stay positive in these moments – not naive, be honest with yourself and see what role you played in the situation. Understand that some people just want to watch the world burn and you didn’t make them that way. Rest assured that your antennas will be finely tuned the next time that a charleton comes around and attempts to fool you. 

Know that there are good people out there and they will see the good in you,  you will be drawn to one another and their behavior much more than their words will show you what they are made of. Big Hug!

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11 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 8/30/16 Talk Dirty To Me

    1. My dear, the antagonist has his or her place in that your role is to give everyone a teachable moment. However, never forget the antagonist can always become the antagonized, don’t ever forget the threat of the bigger, hungrier dog. πŸ˜‰

  1. Personally, I rather enjoy a bit of verbal combat! I like to test out the validity of an argument and discover whether it is derived from baseless prejudice or considered reason. But no, I, too, avoid the ‘dirty’ words. when someone resorts to them they automatically forfeit the argument, where I am concerned. Beware zealots bearing bricks!

    1. I love that word forfeit, it illustrates how they turn in their ability to participate. Thanks so much Mr. Anderson, I too enjoy debate – especially when both of us are passionate yet respectful. Thanks for checking in!

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