@ShashaSelflove 9/06/16 MVP


Photo Credit: Shasha Selflove, Citifield

You rock a hard hustle, you make every day a push and manuver towards your focus. Your path is littered with challenges and obstacles, the hardest part is getting out of your way. Know that every set back is a lesson that is going to take you further than you could have imagined, every detour may actually be in the direction you are supposed to go in. Take it all in stride, pushing yourself through your self doubt and detractors.

Truth is you are your team, you are the pitcher, the short stop, the batter, the coach and your number one fan. Yes, there are other players on the field with you – those that extend themselves to you because they see your talents. They aren’t there to use your resources, they want to help introduce your talent to the world. Believe it or not, there are good, well intentioned people that want to pull you up to the next level and see you shine. There will also be assistant coaches, they may know the play better than you, allow yourself to be taught. At the end of the day your dreams and goals are out on that field, every day is an effort to get closer to where you are going. Keep pushing in your journey in the things that you can control and for those things that you can’t – allow them to evolve by practicing patience.

Your self talk in the mornings, your mantra and motto has to be “let’s do this” no matter how weary you have to keep pushing through. The words you speak into your day have to give you the energy over your exhaustion and over the negative. It is perfectly ok to take a pause to recharge, but it is never ok to stop your journey.

The rest of your team is there to edify you, they speak encouragement into your journey.  Those that don’t come to the games – they aren’t allowed at the championship party or to the coaching sessions.  You cannot allow toxic, negative people loiter in the vestibule of your life. They take from your energy and give you nothing in return. Let them sit in the stands, far away whete they can grouch all they want – they are just upset that they don’t have the courage to stand up to their own journey. Show them the door, I implore of you, you are so busy dimming your light because it shines in their eyes. You apologetically succeed when you are around them, why? Shine, brilliantly – like the sparkle at the Tiffany’s diamond display. Mesmerize and captivate because that is the path you are supposed to be on, I have to tell you that you aren’t in this world to be mediocre.

You are your own MVP, no one can make your dreams come true – only you see your goals. So cheer yourself on and cheer for those around you! You may not even know it but you may be a member of someone else’s team, if only as a cheerleader or as important as a coach, you create positive energy by being positive to others and so on. You create your own karma, realize that. So keep up your positive self talk, your positive influence on others and stay the course. Big Hug!

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10 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 9/06/16 MVP

    1. Hey Jessica! No need to love the game (although I am partial to baseball) apply your favorite game and it works all the same. Thank you for the comment! Hugs!

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