@ShashaSelflove 9/20/16 Might As Well

6c81e52b8722c4e4ad762d90b85d8257You lose either way right? You try to be good to people and it blows up in your face, you try to play it close to the vest and it blows up as well.  So what do you do? I reroute myself all the time, self talking myself into a mumbling crazy person on the subway platform. Sitting in my car in rush hour traffic scratching my head questioning why I took the time to be a decent human being to an otherwise slithering snake of a human. And then you promise yourself, “Next time I am going to be a rude jerk!”, no you are not – we both know that. Life isn’t teaching you to be a bigger jerk, your experiences are teaching you to have better discernment as to who you allow to get close and who to avoid. So, you might as well be true to your character and integrity, just a lot wiser for the experience.

You are dynamic, the facets that you are made up of  twinkle gently across each of your interactions. People remember how you make them feel, the impression is embossed in their memories and when they think of you they will relive that emotion. Hence, be true to you – continue onto your journey constantly evolving and thriving along the path. And yes, many will attempt to intertwine themselves into your efforts to reap the benefits of your hard work, hasn’t life taught you to be aware of these people? Don’t foul yourself, individuals will show you what they really are, pay attention to how they treat others, their ex partners, a waiter, a stranger and you. Be awake and realistic, many times people confront me and have told me that I am naive because I encourage positive thinking. Being a positive thinker is knowing that the storm is going to happen, difference being that you embrace the storm for the rain it provides and rebuild having prepared for the destruction. It is your attitude, hence there will be people that will come into you life that will have the darkest of intentions – trust me. They will come talking sweet, smelling good, charming your family and friends, only to attempt to pull the wool over your eyes. Do you always see them coming? No, and sometimes you do. But once you realize what is going on, it is how you deal with the matter that changes the outcome for everyone involved. It is another lesson learned and another tool sharpened. It is quite an impressive tool box we are gathering, life!

Stay positive, stay on your path – you are meant to be in the place and time you find yourself in because there is something of value that you are missing. Your journey is providing you your struggle to strengthen you, smile and embrace the turbulence with the knowledge that your goals are being strengthened. Big Hug!

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6 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 9/20/16 Might As Well

  1. “Being a positive thinker is knowing that the storm is going to happen, difference being that you embrace the storm for the rain it provides and rebuild having prepared for the destruction.” – Well-said and thought-provoking.

  2. wow, it felt like a kindred spirit as I read this. I know hugs, I love you to fictional knife wounds in my back, sometimes it doesn’t roll off.
    But I TRY to learn from my mistakes and not BRING myself down to their levels and know their are others who have my back since travel the same road.
    Sorry got a bit fired up-lol.

    1. Kimber! Thak you for checking in, happy this spoke to you and you are able to relate, life happens we just have to make sure we are ready for the recovery of it all. Hugs!

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