@ShashaSelflove 10/04/16 Second Look


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It would be great if people came with warning labels wouldn’t it? Labels that told you their qualities and their faults or even better warning labels, like the ones that are on mattresses – you know that it is against federal law to remove. A label that would serve as a heads up to you and everyone that comes close to them so that you have the option to go into your nightmare or walk away. It isn’t easy to get to know people, you invest emotionally and then realize – you have made a serious mistake.

You have devoted so much that it’s hard to believe that your investment lead nowhere, you certainly weren’t putting so much energy into this false. The fine print is there, we have to search for it. We have to read a little better try to catch what is in between the lines, we sometimes foolishly don’t give time to ourselves to fully examine the situation and so are in a hurry to betray ourselves. We walk away feeling self doubt and think to yourself, “How did I not see that? How did I let myself be fooled?” But I think at the end of the day everything is a step towards being wiser, being stronger and prepping you for something bigger. A callus doesn’t form overnight, wear and tear develops it over your soft skin to toughen up. It needs to be done, whatever work you’re putting into that skin it needs to be thicker to withhold the work load. Life is doing the same thing to your brain, to your mind and to your heart

Here is the deal, life is full of odd and ends – some much more peculiar than others (forgive the pun). Living in the positive is the adjustment of your attitude on how to get through and overcome our life events, but it also means become more studious in our interactions.

Preparation is everything, being a novice chef has taught me that going into the kitchen and switching on the oven isn’t the beginning of the cooking process. You go to the store, purchase the right groceries, you get home and properly store your items, you take out what you need, you weight and measure, then you turn on the stove to pre-heat, the you grab the pans you think you need to use and then you are cooking. Don’t other parts of your life need that kind of preparation?

Find out the people you need and want in your life (your ingredients), place them properly (work, school, inspiration, motivation), make them feel important in your life (take out what you need), keep a healthy balance (weight and measure), have some fun with them to let them know that they are valuable (turn on the stove), keep going through all of your challenges (grab your pans). At the end you will have a strong support system and a delicious meal (I am getting hungry, what was I talking about!?).

Make every effort to be reflective and study the situation before you invest so much of yourself that you have disinvested from your self and are at a negative balance. Hold your value and increase it by adding the right elements into your life. It is tough not to give of yourself, but I want you to join me in trying to live an emotional healthy and positive life, we are struggling to get there. Take a second look and a third if you have to and a Big hug!

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10 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 10/04/16 Second Look

    1. Vanessa! Thank you so much for checking in, I say it doesn’t ever hurt to be studious – especially in your own defense. Please check in whenever you can! Hugs!

  1. Loved the analogy of your story! And as always you are right. Although the warning labels also sound like a good idea to me… :p

    1. They put warning labels on coffee that you just ordered to be hot…might as well keep going! Thanks for checking in Samantha!

  2. I too like the analogy of going into the kitchen and switching on the oven! The problem is, though, you can’t always guard the way your heart takes you, and really you shouldn’t. the great experience, isn’t it? Being hurt or let down is all part of

    1. Thank you Frederick! I love to cook, early on I found so much of the lessons in life can be found and compared in the kitchen. Heartache like nreaking eggs gives you so much more!

    1. Oh, that would be great! I have a tendency to see the good in people, I ignore the warning signs. A giant label would help! You know like the ones on the higway “traffic delays up ahead”, they would get “run, they are toxic and deplorable!”. Thanks for checking in, I needed it!

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