@ShashaSelflove 11/01/16 Under The Gun


Living in New York, we are always in a rush. The daily hustle of having a cup of non-fat yogurt with organic stone cut fig granola in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other and 2 hours of sleep showing under your eye lids is very real. We are always rushing to get stuck in traffic or on the A train – who just so happens to have a passenger that just went into labor. The joys of metropolitan life, all of us running to bottle neck in the same spot.  But most times, haste makes waste. The cup of coffee spills and the ultra healthy granola is cancelled out by the lack of rest. So, let’s take ourselves out from under the gun and use all that energy wisely.

So have the conversation about sleep, I am a classic insomniac, and many of us are. Self love and staying positive takes so much effort – if you are half asleep you will be more worried about rushing through the process than actually doing it right. Studies show that exhaustion, poor health, bad eating habits, negative encounters and over the counter drug abuse are linked to poor sleeping habits. So turn off the phone (yes, it has an off button), have some decaf or water as the day gets later and hit the gym. Winding down your body and mind help produce a much more effective, restful sleep. Zzzz…….

What about that project? Well, what about it? You can worry about it all you want but if you don’t actually do anything, worrying will only get you more stressed as you will be written up or fired for not getting to it. Plot and plan, chip away towards the final goal and no you can’t start tomorrow.  As a procrastinator myself, I know you are rolling your eyes. Get to it, you will give yourself time not to rush and time at the end to review and make improvements. You don’t just want to give in a good project – you want to stand out. Remember that promotion? All this is for that!
Make your bed, I know it sounds like I am your mom back in high school. I talk to a lot of ambitious/highly successful people, I always asked them, “How do you prepare for your day?”, most answer that they have a glass of water and make their bed. They have shared that making the bed helps them organized their day – almost like compartmentalizing how they are going to go about their plans or project for the day. They are getting active by organizing sheets, blankets and pillows. They feel accomplished because right after waking up they got something done. They are better at organizing because their homeostasis is in balance and uncluttered. Sometimes, we just have to make our beds and clean the rooms we are in to start finding balance. Mom was right wasn’t she!?

I am running for the gym and then a good night of sleep! Big Hug!!!

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4 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 11/01/16 Under The Gun

  1. Ha Ha! Caught up in the ethos of the Big City, there is no hope of swimming against the tide, I’m afraid. If you cease to expect trauma of yourself, others will demand it of you. Up sticks, cast aside ambition, go forth to the outer reaches, try marijuana cultivation for a while. Then maybe move on – be a poet. No money, just lots of free drinks!

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