@ShashaSelflove 11/08/16 Perhaps


There are moments that someone or something comes into your life, it is the most inconvenient of moments.  Everything is wrong, your finances, your emotional health, you patience is paper thin and your brain just fried. This is the worst possible time in your life for this to happen, but here it is dancing in front of you. It tugs for your attention, like a puppy pulling on your pant leg. You aren’t sure why you are paying attention to this novelty, seems inappropriate considering you have a full plate. Seems wasteful because you don’t see the benefit in investing time into this distraction. Perhaps it is exactly what you need right now, something to make your smile because you haven’t in a while. It may be perfect for helping you over your next hurdle that you don’t even see coming, maybe just maybe – perhaps.

Life gets busy, work occupies most of our day with stressful situations, shifty coworkers and bad employee parking. You haven’t even arrived at work and you have already spent time screaming and cursing through your commute because people don’t know how to use their turn signals. Oh, and you are exhausted because your upstairs neighbor insists on opera music a 3:00am. The joys of city life…

So it shows up, you weren’t looking for this distraction to show up in your life. Whether it be a new gym instructor, a new friend or a new hobby. It stops you and sets your world on pause because for the time it is in front of you, it needs and wants your attention. You entertain the idea, you play along wondering why – when you have so many things to do. But you can’t help it, it pulls you in and you start to like it. When was the last time you laughed so hard your ribs hurt? Or had a conversation with someone where their face didn’t dip into their phone everyone few minutes? I suppose that you needed this break, like comic relief we often aren’t aware that we needed.

You aren’t placing your plans permanently on hold or re-routing your journey – you are just exhaling for the moment to gain strength and insight so that you can go further along. The path of life is already laden with obstacles, agony and broken hearts. Allow those that role it is to provide you with some relief from all of that. Laugh a little, Big Hug!

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