@ShashaSelflove 11/15/16 Soldier On


The past week has been grueling for many, some have cried and others have protested. At the end of the day we are responsible for educating ourselves and those around us about what we do have available to us – which is the law, our rights and our inner peace. There cannot be a point where we give up and hide in hopes that this storm will blow over. The storm will always be there, blowing debris everywhere and destroying everything in its path. Our actions in preparing for the storm and for the aftermath makes all the difference when it comes to outcomes. So now that part of the storm has passed and the second part of the storm is brewing, don’t we have the obligation to soldier on?

Having a positive outlook isn’t thinking that nothing negative is going to happen, it is the knowledge that negativity is constantly around us feeding itself like a cancer. We have to constantly readjust and remind ourselves of the immediate impact our actions can have and the long term progress our perseverance can have. You aren’t a quick flicker, you are a sustainable source of energy that gives others the spark they need to be the same. I can’t express this enough, you may not see yourself that way – but you are. Your example can help others in ways you may never have thought, just by pushing yourself when you are just not up to it. From afar a family member may be watching, a neighbor or coworker is too. They don’t know your struggles, but they see that pains in your face and know that whatever you are battling isn’t keeping you down and you aren’t running away. They look to you for inspiration, for motivation and encouragement. You may not say a word but your journey speaks for you. You soldier on, quite simply that is who you are and your integrity won’t allow you to be anything else.

Keep yourself centered, don’t negotiate what is never available to give away. There is so much left for you to accomplish and secretly there is a crew that is cheering you on, (please take note that there is a whole other crew that is waiting for you to fall flat on you face, don’t give them the satisfaction) don’t let your cheer squad down!

Soldier on because those of us who do will keep the record straight, we will ensure that the business we set out to do get done well. Stay positive because the storm of negativity is aiming straight for you. Arm yourself with the weapons that wisdom has given you – you got this! Big Hug!

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