@ShashaSelflove 11/29/16 Finding David

wp-1480350687016.jpgSome times the challenge is so great that you leave it to the side instead of facing it head on, it won’t go away by you ignoring it – so why not get it over with? Thing is that we all need that breaking point, the point where we are fired up enough that we muster up the motivation and courage to confront the Goliath in your life. Finding your inner David takes character, bravery and nerve – qualities that build over time through experience and pain. It isn’t so much that you aren’t strong, it is more like you haven’t built up the tenacity that you need to take this on.

On this journey we encounter many attempts to divert us, many times we fall short of our standards. People go out of their way to distract you and even attempt to change your journey. They believe they know where you should or should not be going, without even getting to know you or your vision. Don’t short change yourself and allow their doubts and insecurities become your own. Yes, there is always room for a second and third set of eyes – but you choose who gets to have an opinion and request it yourself.

Stay positive and focused during these moments, this isn’t an attempt to cut your path short. This is your journey making you stronger for what is coming up ahead. Taking swipes at Goliath makes him angrier and more intent on defeating you. But any good fighter knows to study their opponent, learning how they move tells you how you should move in order to outsmart them.  Right hook, left jab and glide back to assess – always blocking with your free hand. There is a method to all this, you will find your rhythm at your pace.

When your Goliath rises up, confident to claim victory over you – reach inwards, meditate and figure out how to manage the situation in the most positive way possible. Negativity and anger won’t help your clear your head for strategy, why even allow that to filter into your life if it isn’t going to help you? Stay strong, focused and do not fear – just find your inner David. Big Hug!

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