@ShashaSelflove 1/03/17 Character




plural noun: characters

  1. 1.

    the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.

  2. Happy New Year! And so it begins, “This year I will (blank) better!”, I propose you stop adding to your li

    st of tasks and unpack the accumulated baggage that you have shoved into your intellectual closet. I propose we take a hard look and realize that we have worked on so much and made progress.  Now  we deal with the underlying cause of stress, anxiety and frustration in our lives. It takes patience to have a reflective moment and want to tackle what has been tackling you.

  3. Character builds on itself, you see it in certain people who have had to endure pain and mental turbulence.  Some people call it grit, they have had to face their demons face on – not because they have super powers, but because they didn’t have another choice. Being on the other side gives them an aura, they are solid, unshaken and are covered in grace. Nothing that comes their way can knock them down, there is a sense of recognizing exactly where their enemy is coming from and what to do with them.

  4. On the other side of that, character is a sense of responsibility to those they see in peril. Seeing the struggle of the unscratch, witnessing the discomfort of the inexperienced – those that have been through those hardships and made sure to share if not their story at least their wisdom. Character is not expecting it in return, not sharing for your own benefit – it is knowing that your pain is for a greater good. 

  5. Stay positive during those moments where you think you can’t take anymore. The tears on your face will wash away your lack of experience, the redness in your eyes will clear a way to see your peace and the searing pain of your heart will turn into compassion.  Big hug and I wish you a plentiful, positive, powerful and inspiring 2017!

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7 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 1/03/17 Character

    1. Mr. Brown, thank you so much for checking in! It is one of those things, doing for others does so much for ourselves. We just have to take the initiative. Happy New Year!

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