@ShashaSelflove 1/10/16 There is no Ex…


I was reading my horoscope the other day, it stated “…fight the urge to contact an ex…” trust me the urge is well under control and there is a higher chance of me winning an Olympic gold medal at 36 than me reaching back to someone I left in the past. But the words opened an internal debate for me, I started thinking about my journey and how no matter how disastrous – I learned something with every interaction I have had. So is it that they are an ex (friend, paramour, etc.) or is that that was their role in your life? Could it be possible that fate gave you a lesson through this person and that this was the purpose of your interaction, nothing more?

Not having had my morning coffee (I am trying to cut back) I sit with a protein rich yogurt concoction and a giant bottle of water, I want to look at my most negative encounters with a glimpse of positivity. It is hard because my brain is powered by chocolate and caffeine and I have had to part ways with both (help me!).  Hence, I look back at my very limited relationship history and I think of everything that I have been able to learn and all of the strength I have had to develop from the experience. I would not have learned those lessons any other way, how can you relate to a broken heart unless you have gone through it? I needed a reference point for so many things, this way I would be alert to them when they tried to make their way into my life. I had to become agile because I simply didn’t know of a threat, until I was in peril did I realize that I was in a situation that was causing me an enormous amount of pain.

The lessons don’t leave you, the person exits your life and you are better for their absence, so could it be that they are not an ex – they were just fulfilling their role in your journey? My water fueled debate continues, I visualize my steps that have led me to where I am and think about the fact that I have picked up so much from just observing others. Of course I have learned by experiencing events for myself, once that individual got off on their exit along my journey that was their time in my life and I cannot dwell on their absence but I must appreciate what I learned. Thus, they are not an ex, pieces of them stayed with me and that converts them into a lesson.

Puts a different spin on things and readjusts our thoughts on how we look back at our past experiences.  Staying positive requires just that, it is the realignment of thoughts and purpose.  Big Hug!

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2 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 1/10/16 There is no Ex…

  1. Very timely as I seek and struggle w that very thing. We have spoke on it before. That is hard for me just as your fuel for your brain is to you. But Attitude is powerful.

    1. We have to look at things through the scope of having obtained knowledge and wisdom through the experience. That is more powerful than anything! Hugs D!

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