@ShashaSelflove 1/17/17 Changes


On my way to and from work I cross two of the country’s most traveled airports, living in New York City you don’t notice the importance of the buildings and landmarks you walk by everyday. As we head towards inauguration day, security seems tighter, road blocks are much more prevalent and there seems to be a tension in the air. As a native New Yorker, I am much more aware of safety and my defenses are always up and running, but there is something notable about the mood lately. People are uncomfortable and they appear worried, the hope of the two Obama inaugurations has now been replaced with “Are we going to be ok?”, I can only say that you are going to be ok – I cannot speak if we are going to be ok.

Change is never easy, as I get older I am noticing that I used to look at change and embrace it completely. Now, the older self questions why is this change happening and with what intention. In this reference we have to recognize that this change is inevitable, every 4 years we have to pick a new guy to go up front and represent us. Whether or not that guy is going to lead us to progress or to a third world war is unpredictable, but a new guy must be chosen (or re-elected to a second term because he didn’t get us all killed the first term).

How much of these changes can you control? You can control your response to the events that are playing out. Read in between the lines, seek to analyze the truth not the sensationalism that is being passed onto us as news. Revel in the positives, no matter what there are going to be glimpses of hope and those that fight for justice will have their victory.

Sometimes doing nothing doesn’t help your anxiety about all this, take action. Volunteer at a charity of your choice, connect with your community affairs officer or the local soup kitchen/community garden. There is always need for extra hands to help, you helping others will help you as well. Understanding that we must accept the results of certain situations doesn’t mean that we have to sit and sulk about it. Reframe by taking that feeling of disappointment and redirecting it into positive encouragement. Let that anger fuel you towards a positive outcome.

Take time to breath and manage your stress, it could be as easy as turning off the television and not reading the insanity that is being published. You control your response but you also control what you allow yourself to be responding to. Stay informed but not saturated with information that may not edify you or your journey. If you struggle more than you think you should be, reach out. You have a support system available to you even when you think you don’t. Stay positive along your path, no matter what comes your way stay assured that you have been prepared to overcome and persevere.  Big Hug!

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