@ShashaSelflove 1/24/17 I’m Done

Ever hit the point of exhaustion? Not tired and a nap will solve it type of tired, you hit that point where people are talking to you and you tell them to stop speaking to you. Drained to the point where you have no trouble saying how you really feel without saying one curse word. Depleted to extreme where you find yourself advocating for yourself because there is no other option. 

I am there. Like right now. I am done. I am good about explaining what I can and cannot do, but when there is the expectation that I am suppose to be subservient to an authority that doesn’t exist I hit the wall. My answer is, “I am done”, not thank you and I am no longer cooperating. 

I am done apologizing and I am done acting like my contributions aren’t worthy of praise. I am done not taking credit for my effort. 

Why am I done? Unfortunately,  more and more there is a trend of shunning those that work hard and get results. Whether it be at school, at work or in your personal life there is always the dynamic of someone kicking you down for excelling in your efforts. 

So what do you do? Let me be direct, because I am so very weary. What you do is you stop apologizing for being awesome. Go forward with your endeavors and if your shine blinds them, that isn’t for you to own. You own your actions, you own your response but you are not responsible for how people respond or what people do. You have qualities that you have no regrets about putting on display, your art and craft are part of who you are. Don’t concern yourself on how people will tear you down for keeping that smile on your face. Keep that smile and keep going on the right path. 

So I am done, I am done apologizing for being awesome. I am done with certain people trying to use my talents for their benefit and I am done not being recognized.  I am going to take credit for my efforts and if someone isn’t accepting of that, they can look away. 

I want you to be done as well, knowing that you can overcome the negativity that others try to bring into your life. Turn their observations against you as stepping stones to motivate you to further your path. You are worthy of that effort. Big hug! 

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