@ShashaSelflove 2/07/17 Walk Away 

Your face wet and salty from tears flooding your face is probably something we have all experienced. Your feet are stumbling away from the one thing that had the power to put you in that state. But it is far better to simply walk away than to remain in a situation that is causing you so much turbulence.  At the end of the day, when you do the math – it doesn’t add up. 

So you are coming to the point, where you have come to the conclusion that not only do you have to make a decision but you also have to say it outloud. How do you get there? You second guess yourself.  You wonder if you are being to harsh. “Why should I be the one that makes the decision?”, let me ask you this – Have you ever had someone take a swing at you? Open or close handed swipe towards your body? What did you do? Did you stand there and take it? Or did you do something in self defense? You throw your hands up or step back or at the very least wince. How is this any different?

Emotional health is just as important if not more than other aspects of your life. When you aren’t in a good place with your feelings a lot of other areas of your life suffer. Striking a balance means having to subtract certain pieces out of your life. It could be a bad habit like a bad friend, but at the end of the day what doesn’t edify you has to be left behind. You have enough to carry on your shoulders, weigh that is for you to carry because it is making you stronger – why carry weigh that is trying to make you weak or trying to cut down your progress? Sounds like a set up. 

I struggle with this now and I have struggled with this in the past. I struggle with finding the balance between giving something a chance and just not wanting to give something my time because of past experiences.  So I get it. But when I realize that I am suck between loving myself and something not loving me, I take out a tiny piece of paper and start to do some math. The list of pros and cons wakes me right up and makes my decision very easy. I can’t tell you what to get rid of, only you can decide. I want to empower you to question whether or not this is truly beneficial to you or if this is just one sided – with you giving more than you get. It is all about self love after all. Big Hug!

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6 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 2/07/17 Walk Away 

    1. Hard right? But so important to get those lessons because more stuff is coming up. Thanks for reading Kimber, big hug!

  1. For me, when my inner antenna beeps and I start to feel uncomfortable around someone I’ve always been comfortable with, it’s a sign something’s up. It’s the same for all other choices I make: if my gut feeling is wrong, it’s a bad road to follow.
    Great post and I hope you’ve already worked out what was troubling you 🙂

    1. Keep those antennas up Sam! Your gut is usually right and wisdom teaches us to trust it. What was troubling me is something that will resolve itself, wisdom had taught me to walk on. Thanks for checking in!

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