@ShashaSelflove 2/21/17 It Is What It Is


Sounds like I just gave up, right? Well, no. Head held high and feet firmly planted on the ground, I have to admit that there are some things that you have no control over. Some people are always going to be grouchy, the light will always turn green right when you come to stop, your favorite pair of shoes will get worn down and the elastic in your undies will one day not snap back. Thanks life and that’s okay.

The difference is how we go about dealing with the challenges that come into our lives. Yes, you are allowed to cry your eyes out and feel your way through those moments when you are disappointed or hurt. But don’t stay there, don’t stay stuck in the despair of those moments. Pull yourself together after processing your feelings and let your brain take over the situation and plan out your next steps forward. Not that the situation is irrelevant, because I am sure that if it caused you to respond it had some meaning to you. But that your response isn’t to go into a whirlpool of stagnation. “How did I get here? What did this teach me? How can I avoid this mistake again?”, questions that get you unstuck and help you move forward.

So yes, it is what it is, life will throw some curve balls at you and a line drive to the face is painful. But you recover and realize that it had to happen so you could grow. These are the moments that you discover your strengths and you realize that you can push through. You have a power in you that is greater than any obstacle, you have a drive that will shave down several brake pads and you won’t stop until you are satisfied with your results.

Pick your battles, pick them wisely and don’t trip over the same stone twice. Life has plenty of beauty to offer you and the appreciation of that beauty will inspire you towards your next endeavor. Don’t pick endeavors that don’t speak to your nature, those aren’t for you. It is what it is, big hug!

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