@ShashaSelflove 2/28/17 Give Up Your Thanks

We say it without any thought, thank you. We give thanks for doors held, for papers passed, for customer service and so many things. It is thoughtless.  But there are those days where a very special level up effort has been put into having something done for you. It would be careless to be void of genuine appreciation, because someone did something for you that was not in their obligation to do. 

Giving up a thanks ensures that you retain your grace. It is something that we don’t speak of very often, how our gratitude keeps us in a place of humility and grace because that which is given is not owed to us. We live in an age of entitlement, “I want it and they (parent, partner, etc.) must get it for me.”, the belief is ingrained in multiple parts of our culture. Songs talk about immediate gratification and video games provide it in a fantasy world that almost seems real. Hence, there is a thought that an expectation must be met and that no matter how hard it was to meet that expectation, a casual mention of thanks is an appropriate response. 

I have to disagree. I am not stating that you have to throw a parade for the delivery person every time they show up with your delivery, but recognize them – in that instance a proper tip and wishing them a safe return home shows how genuine you are. It puts you in good graces with that person, maybe they are having a horrible day and your words/gesture made the world a little bit more bearable. You are also creating good karma for yourself, maybe your intention was never to be self serving but that is how it works. 

The chain reaction to your good deed makes it so that it will find its way back to you. It may not be immediate and your may not be fully aware that good karma has found its way back to you. Rest assure that it will show up when you least expect it but right when you need it. 

With all of that said, thank you.  Big hug!


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