@ShashaSelflove 3/07/17 Stay Angry


There is something to be said about the blood that burns through your veins when you are angry. For some, their thoughts start to race and they can’t seem to coordinate logic and emotions. For others, their fury makes them laser focused. It takes a certain amount of discipline and temperance to be able to develop that level clarity during those moments – but this is what you need in order to have the best outcome possible.

It may sound weird to be encouraged to be angry be someone who writes a blog about staying positive in adversity. But it is so much more than ranting and raving, anger fuels a passion within you so fierce that you train yourself to have razor precision in righting a wrong. Allowing yourself to train your brain on how to go from frazzled misdirected anger to precision targeting of your issues helps you resolve matters with expertise. A controlled fire is put out much easier than a forest fire, temperance is key.

So let us look at your tool box, you have been developing patience and wisdom through your experiences. You have been accumulating humor as well, because some days you just have to laugh at the insanity that is life. Everyone is different and well all have distinctive journeys, slowly you have been collecting what you need to continue, including anger. I very much believe in redirecting energy, taking negative energy and moving it towards positive energy. There is a way to do that with anger, you just have to stay angry long enough to be able to take that energy and bring it to place where it manages to move you towards where you need to be. Don’t just allow your blood to boil, because all hot blood does is coagulate. Stagnation is simply not an option.

Next time you get upset stop, pause hard, breathe and then ask yourself, “Where is all this coming from?”. Why is this coming your way? With what intentions? What is the core of this issue? Sometimes it could be jealousy, insecurities, self doubt and many other concerns. Your experience will help you discern and you have to pull from a very special place in your ego to recognize that it isn’t about what is being heard – it is about what is trying said.

You listening skills are key at this time, you patience will come in handy to help sort out and calm you down. But stay angry, that will fuel your motivation and it has the power to give you razor focus when you need it the most. You know what that push feels like and sometimes you just need that clarity to help you to the next point in your journey. Big Hug!

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3 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 3/07/17 Stay Angry

  1. Very good point of view. Let’s face it, anger is an emotion that most everyone experiences from time to time. Why not ask it some questions, find its real source, all the while being gentle with yourself and others, and then move the energy toward a positive resolve…or as you pointed out, the super focused energy that may be what is needed to have clarity.
    best and blessings to you!

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