@ShashaSelflove 3/14/17 Decision Decided 

Everyday we are faced with the daunting task of making decisions, either for ourselves or for someone else we have to go forward with life as it comes. For some of us this seems easy, almost as if we don’t really have to think about it but for others it is very very difficult. But the truth is that we have to stand behind our decision.  Once it is made with plenty of thought and consideration we have to stand by it either because we trust that we are making the right decision or because our experience has taught us that this.is the right decision to make.  

I have a friend, I care about him dearly, he is very indecisive. I give him his space, I give him his time so that he can think through and break down whatever he needs so that he can feel comfortable with his decision. Whatever he decides to do I support him because I know that it took a lot of time to come up with a decision and is now going to act on it. It doesn’t come easy to a lot of people because sometimes there is anxiety behind the worry of making a bad decision. If you’ve thought it through and you’ve done your homework and even consult with others to come up with a decision, then relax. You have done everything to show that you did your proper research and that you made every effort to achieve with the best outcome possible.

Stand behind your decision, some are easier to come to than others but stand behind it be able to defend it and explain it if needed. Not all decisions require explanation and you really do have the right in certain circumstances to not have to explain yourself you simply have to be. As long as you can live with not only the outcomes but the consequences of your decision and be easy and no more anxiety. 

Living in positivity is reaffirming the knowledge that you have acquired and resting on the wisdom that you have learned both get put into use it helps you with logical responses and the many decisions that life situations require of you. Can you sleep at night with the decision you made? Can you look at yourself in the mirror and feel proud of the person you see? If the answer is yes, then you’re in a good place. But what if the answer is no? I have been there, made decisions or allowed someone to make decisions for me and it turned out badly. It is one of those things that you keep looking back on and you ask yourself how you allow that situation to play out and you also reproach yourself and beat yourself up about a situation that you can no longer go back to because we can’t go back in time. But I would like to think that those mistakes are definitely teachable moments and that’s how we learn sometime, so there is no failure there is no monstrous mistake because we can learn from them. We simply have to pick ourselves back up and realize that no matter how hard we feel and regardless of how badly we scrape ourselves up there is always an opportunity to recover.

Stay positive and always allow yourself to the opportunity to learn from your mistakes that’s how you become a better decision maker. Big hug!

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