@ShashaSelflove 4/04/17 – Stop Trippin

It gets hard some days, you think that you already have the world resting on your shoulders and then more weight gets added. It isn’t that you aren’t strong enough to handle it, you most certainly have been building a stronger mental muscle with every challenge. It is more like you would like to relax for a moment before you take on something more. You get to hit the brakes whenever you think it is appropriate do to so, anyone telling you different doesn’t want you to become aware that there is a beautiful view. You aren’t stepping away or giving up on your goal, you are taking a breath – and that is perfectly ok.

Slowing down may not feel comfortable right now, but it might be the right thing to. The powerful energy you put out shouldn’t always be directed at solving problems or starting new endeavors. Focus on delegating tasks to those they correspond to, you can’t be the chef, prep cook, sous chef, waitress, dish washer and bar tender in the restaurant of your life! At leaat not for the long haul. You will burn the roast and drink all the liquor, how far did you really get?

I have had to take on this advice for myself and to myself. I was fussing with a project, nothing was over due, I wasn’t behind in any way, yet I pushed myself to the point of getting sick. I was frustrated and very exhausted over things that were completely out of my control. I did some major damage, possibly burned a bridge, got myself sick and stressed for no reason. Everything was falling where it was supposed to,  I possibly just wanted one thing less on my list of things to do. I instead took away from other aspects of my life and didn’t get that much further than where I was. Someone at work stopped me right when I started to get sick, “Ms. B, why are you trippin? You have the experience and you are doing it right! You got this!”, I smiled and realized that I had better slow down. I thanked them, I really needed to hear that. 

So, at the risk of sounding redundant  – Stop Trippin’, You Got This! Big hugs!

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