@ShashaSelflove 5/03/17 – Accept the Teacher

So I took a week off, it was my birthday last week and I decided to disconnect and spend some time with my family and friends. Work keeps me away from so many of the important people in my life, I wanted to turn the phone off and just pay attention to their stories and anecdotes. But, now back to our regular program schedule. 

Life is continuing to provide you with the tools that you need to get to next level, sometimes that comes in the form of a teacher. Whether they directly mentor you or you go through an experience with someone that suddenly comes onto your life,  I want you to accept the teacher. The lesson they have to give you is of high value, even if you don’t see it at the time. We have a huge list of line items that is continually being worked on, as you course through your journey you will have opportunities to tackle those items and sometimes you are confronted with a line item – and you don’t have the option of putting it aside. This item had to be dealt with, why? You are approaching the next level of your journey, we often don’t see that rise in the path of your life but it is always approaching. 

The teacher shows up, they may worn down from their own journey, you may disregard them and not give them much time or mind. They keep coming by,  with the same topic or challenge.  You notice they keep engaging you, you aren’t quite getting what they bringing into your life. They aren’t exactly intrusive but they have a very important gift to give you, it is only for you because you are in a place to receive it. 

I recently had a teacher show up, she is a lovely older woman. It didn’t dawn on me until right in the middle of it,  she asked me for something that I am expert on. I didn’t flinch at the opportunity, I did what she requested whole heartedly and tuen I stepped away. She thanked me,  but I am the one that is thankful because life gave me a stepping stone through the experience. Without expectation, my teacher arrived and there are greater things coming my way. You are too. 

It is hard sometimes, but be willing to accept the teacher. One teacher has given me their lesson and another is still teaching me. We are all better for it at the end. Big hug!

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