@ShashaSelflove 5/16/17 Rebirth

Every end represents a new beginning,  the opportunity to redesign the landscape that you carefully manicure day after day. What is keeping you from paying attention to every blade of grass? What holds you back when you have so much propelling you forward? 

At your core you are who you are, you have idiosyncratic behavior that is part of your blueprint. As those will not change, there are others parts of the facets that make you up that will ebb and flow. We go through an experience that gives us a sense that even though we where certain that we had mastered a certain life experience – we were given a completely different angle on the issue that we had not anticpated. 

Growth is about showing us the different ways something can be done. Growth is painful, we may think we are falling apart when in truth we are being glued together even stronger through the experience.  

Stay positive my friends,  these moments of rebirth tests our ability to see over to the other side of the situation. We can question it all we want, but growth requires certain life lessons be learned before we can continue on our journey.  Trust the purpose,  learn the process and you will come through stronger. Big hug!

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