@ShashaSelflove 5/23/17 – Your Soulmate

There is so much more life then just black and white, it’s the varying degrees of Gray that give life it’s fluidity and makes it complex.  You never know where you’re next experience is going to come from. Work experience,  life experience or love experience – we just don’t know who is going to walk into our lives and present us with his lesson. There is one continuous being in all of your life situations and that is you. Considering that you are carrying yourself through this arduous journey, why not be your own soul mate?

Your soul mate isn’t someone who is going to coddle you and say yes to everything you want to do. Your soul mate sets you straight, makes you do the right thing when you don’t feel like it and holds you responsible for your goals. Anyone can say they love you and let you do what your heart desires, but are those the right things to do? Are they really loving you or simply being entertained by your unwise circumstance? And your soulmate is not there for the, “I told you so moments”,  your soulmate is there to impart their wisdom so you don’t have those regrettable events in your life. 

Why not be that person for yourself? Why not hit yourself up with reality and bring yourself to certain reaizations. Be your advocate and your own inspiration for your path, believe in your purpose instead of waiting for someone to believe in you. Be that soul mate that you don’t need to wait for, you are already in your life! Stay positive and good luck! Big hug!

P.S. A special thanks to to Christina, I have had a soul mate all along and I am so fortunate!

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