@ShashaSelflove 5/30/17 – I Can Wait

So the conversation continues, being single has its perils and a never ending mystery about it. There are splended moments where you meet someone new and things have a chance to fall in place and then they don’t.  One thing that I have learned is that I am not willing to settle and I am not willing to hand over my time in exchange for promises.  “One day” is potential, “right now” is evidence of character. So until I am satisfied with the evidence that is being presented to me, I can wait. I encourage you to do the same.

The article below talks about setting certain parameters for expectations. The end result for the subject of the article was marriage,  she wasn’t willing to set herself up for a disaster without a backup plan. I have the impression that she prepares for many situations in her life that way,  there is a first aid kit somewhere in her office. I had the opportunity to debate the article with some who are of the opinion that she should only date one person at a time and others that she should date as many and whoever she wants. Many have taken issue with her because she had made a power move, a move that is usually associated exclusively to men. She set up a goal,  was ruthless about it, was decisive and driven – she also felt no guilt about winning. We work just as hard, if not harder than everyone else, why can’t we celebrate the win? Probably because we often see that if we are winning and we are aware that someone else is losing. We have so few wins in life as we get older – celebrate the wins!

I want you to stay positive through all your challenges and know that you have a right to demand the best because you are giving your best. Some many say you are picky, difficult even – that is okay, they are not wise enough to see your worth. They will attempt to win you over with potiential, but you won’t budge. Someone who sees the value in you will make a better offer. Until then, wait. Big hug!


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