@ShashaSelflove 6/07/17 Life Is Short 

One of my jobs in life, or at least it seems to be, is to worry too much and overthink everything. It comes to the territory of having had some very bad experiences having a sense that I’ve forgotten a detail. As of recently I have started to let go a little bit and go with my gut and be okay with that. It isn’t easy because I know I will get the full court press from those that know me and know my long-term relationship with bad luck. But life is too short and I’m trying to make the best decisions and have fun at the same time as I go through this roller coaster journey.

I am not saying to go off and do what your reckless inner 10 year old wants to do. You still have your life lessons and reds flags to pay attention to, I am saying order the chocolate cake a la mode when you haven’t in three years because you have been counting calories like a mathmetician. Life is short,  allow yourself opportunities to live, laugh, love and be loved. Some days it doesn’t make sense,  we work ourselves to the point of exhaustion but we feel guilty when enjoy ourselves. There is no shame in swapping the blazer for a leather jacket. I am doing that tomorrow.

So, stay positive and on your own magical path that dips and dives – but it is all yours. Remember your lessons, your challenges and all you have had to sweat to get to this moment. Allow yourself to relish is your joyful moments. Big hug!

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