@ShashaSelflove 6/20/17 – Name Your Enemy

We go back and forth with many battles throughout our lives, instinct tells us to fight but experience gives us a different set of instructions. What do you do when you are not sure where the attack is coming from? You stop, review and articulate – you name your enemy. 

It could be your health, it could be family, work plays a huge stresser in my life and everything else that our journey entails. Sometimes we aren’t able to figure out what is wrong or what is going on – we are nervous and we just can’t figure out why. I am good and bad at finding items in that I don’t lose things often so when I do, it has gone into the abyss. Sometimes I find the item while looking for something else and in other instances I have come to the conclusion that it is going to show up when it needs to.

Once you find that item that has been knowing at you this entire time able to place it where it belongs. That is the same thing that happens when you were able to name your enemy, it isn’t about placing them in a box putting them in a closet hoping that it will just go away. It will continue to affect you, the sleepless nights won’t go away the nervousness won’t go away either. Until you look at this entity in the eye and say, “I know you’re there and I know what you’re trying to do it”, will continue pop up and irritate and annoy you. 

But don’t confront it until you name it, until you know the origin that it is coming from. For example somebody at work is constantly at odds with you, why? It could be one thing it could be a hundred things – could have nothing to do with you, and yet they still come after you. Figure out the underlying cause, this way when you yank it out you take roots and all.

I really hope this helps, Big Hug!

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2 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 6/20/17 – Name Your Enemy

  1. Definitely! Great reminder. I found that people that don’t like me (or act like they don’t) usually have some internal conflict brewing. They don’t like me because I like myself. It’s funny how people can see something so positive and hate you for it! Just because they have some growing and learning to do.

    So yes, I’m a strong believer in knowing your enemies and keeping my space clear of that negative energy.

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