@ShashaSelflove 7/20/17 – I’m Okay, You’re Good Too

Issue is this, I don’t recall asking for permission to live. Did you? Didn’t think so. Unfortunately, we encounter people along the way that will impose their view, their standards and their expectations on you. But you are completely allowed to have your own. 
You know your path, you have been surviving your life and experiencing your pain. How dare someone that has no idea of how many sleepless nights you have had barge into your life and impose their path onto yours! I am getting worked up, but as someone who has just gone through this – I am still annoyed and irritated. 

Don’t get me wrong, we have loved ones that time to share advice or observations with us out of concern. They may see us going in a direction that may be unhealthy or dangerous. They pull you to the side and let you know that they love you and want what is best. They offer to support you regardless of your choices and simply want to see you happy and healthy. Those people are not the ones I am referring to. 

I am talking about an imposition, someone informing you that some aspect about you is unacceptable to their standards and you must make changes if you are to be found eligible to be in their lives. Are you irritated yet?

No one is allowed to have that amount of power in your life, only you do. Beaware when someone is constantly pressuring you to look a certain way, behave a certain way that is not natural to you or do things outside of your values. 

Stay away and don’t allow anyone disassemble the warm, rich recipe that you have painstakingly made into the exquisite dish that fills you and those around you with love and joy. Your being isn’t meant to be perfect,  perfect is boring. 

Appreciate the well intentioned advice that comes from a place of love and concern. Refuse those that attempt to force you to fit into their expectations of what you shoyld be or how your should appear. That is their hang up – not yours. Big hug!

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