@ShashaSelflove 7/25/17 – Drafted

I don’t believe I had a choice in what happened, I found myself in the room sitting face to face with an issue that I never thought would be brought to me. I sat, in disbelief,  listening to this person unloading months of hardship and stress. Her hands went up and down, her head shaking back and forth. She slapped her thighs and looked up at me, finally making eye contact. I wanted to hug her,  but it would have been uncomfortable so I did the safest thing to do – I didn’t break eye contact and told her that her feelings were valid. Because they absolutely were, I had been were she is and had the same head shaking, thigh slapping frustrations.  

I had gone in for paperwork and walked out a kindred spirit. That’s life, you become drafted to certain people because your painful experience was for a greater purpose. That purpose being to be an understanding ear, a fountain of wisdom and possibly a place where someone needs to feel normal. I have mostly gone through my pains alone, either by design or by choice. But I have that tendency, I don’t ask why I am going through the hardship – I look for the meaning of it all. As this person unloaded months of burning anger, I almost smiled and caught myself,  “….@#$% she is the reason why,  she needed someone to hear and understand her pain”, as I nodded my head she exhaled hard. “You understand me, I thought I was going crazy! How did you deal with it?!”, I wanted to tell her the whiskey and chocolate but that wouldn’t be true. Well, the chocolate part is true. Chocolate has saved many lives.  

So there it is,  everything happens for a reason. That reason isn’t necessarily for ourselves, sometimes others need of our wisdom and experience. Carry a positive attitude when you suffer through a challenge, keep positive when sharing your challenge with others.  You never know when someone may come to you with a matching scar. Yours is healing, theirs is fresh. Big Hug!

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