@ShashaSelflove 8/08/17 – Honeycomb

Life is a lot like a honeycomb, there are several compartments where we have to situate person, places and things. Problem is when we don’t organize those items in a way that is beneficial to us, our life becomes cluttered and unorganized.

So where does it all go? That is a tough one, because someone of us organize so things can look neat, others so that they can find stuff to throw away and others think of ways to do it but the ever growing pile is awaiting to be dealt with. You establish where items are going to go based on where they are in your priorities. Whatever that looks like is different for most, some place work items first and others place family items first. Regardless,  the properly collected and archived items, events and incidents that are intricately webbed together to firm the beautiful array that is you has to be curated. 

You are the overseer and you are in charge of carefully laying out what you have collected along your journey.  Some feelings will be heavy with torment as will be some memories, place them where they won’t tip over. Photos will fill you with tearful nostalgia, those go up front so you don’t forget how far you came. And friends, yiu keep thise all around tbey are supporting you onward in your path. I hope that helps you vet started. 

Whether they be painful or joyous, you are a carefully designed web of facets. Stay positive in knowing that everything was put in your journey to design the very unique you. Big hug!

To Richard, you always have a way if inspiring me. Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 8/08/17 – Honeycomb

  1. Good word. Life needs more self-management for sure! I like how you pointed out to organize and not only for the goal of the future but to remember the pass and how far you came!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! We have all been through so much and that is what helps shape us. Keep going!

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