@ShashaSelflove 8/15/17 – Stay Dead

Seems fitting, your long and twisted journey provides you with extras in the movie of your life. People who are sprinkled in to provide content and texture to your otherwise silent walk around this blue marble. You encounter them, get to know them and sometimes you have to leave them where you found them. Separating and severing may be the easy part, the hard part may be allowing them to stay dead to you. 

It happens, I meet people from all over – living in NYC allows you that. You connect with common interests like art, music, cultures,  career and everything else. As you know,  we have our journey,  regardless of what happens along the way some will see your amazing gifted potential. But because they don’t understand or see their own potential, they want to find a way to stagnate yours.  They critize, humiliate, downplay, and even try to break the effervescent casacading rich folding burgundy lined in gold phoenix that you are. You smell like fresh baked cookies, your aura calms a raging stallion and your stare can stop someone dead in their tracks. Yes, I am inspired this evening. I had a chance encounter with someone that expressed appreciation for my work, that rarely happens.  Then I realized all the insanity she is going through, the fact that she took a breath to praise me was remarkable. A total stranger that I didn’t know was looking,  whereas those that I know are looking are just throwing rocks at my work. 

If I am telling you anything in this very complicated entry, it is this – bury those that don’t appreciate you. Bury them and with them bury the pain they have caused you, let them stay dead. You are dead to them as well, as you are never an option for them to return to. You have obtained the lesson they came into your life to give you and with your newly aquired tools you forge ahead. There is no guilt in that, there is no shame. Parts of this sound negative but on the contrary, you are positive in knowing that what you endured made you ready for the next step in your path. There is nothing better than gilding your outline and you have most certainly earned it. Big hug!

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One thought on “@ShashaSelflove 8/15/17 – Stay Dead

  1. Today, just today, this very afternoon, I needed to read that. Thank you thank you, because I was confused by a so called friendship that seems to have run its course. I’m letting it go. I have no time for it anymore. Great post.

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