@ShashaSelflove 8/22/17 – Explore

We are susceptible to wander lust, to become lost in a thought that takes us on a grand adventure. I don’t doubt that we are all allowed to experience a colorful distraction along the way, I just worry about the time. But by all means, allow yourself the opportunity to explore. 

We are constantly finding ourselves that is part of the exploration, the inevitability of finding yourself is there. You are going to find something else, forgiveness. I am not talking about others, I am talking about forgiving yourself. You have done a lot and you have been through a lot and the truth of the matter is it a long way you have made some mistakes. You may have trusted the wrong people you can may have trusted the wrong instinct within yourself. You have beaten yourself up, you may have even been ashamed of yourself. As you explore yourself you also give yourself permission to move forward how did that permission is being proud of how far you have come. Let go of the shame of having made a mistake, that does not define you. You define you, whether it be scars on your body or scars on your heart – no one but you walks around carrying your weight. 

So explore,  you may be surprised that while being out there as far as your passport may take you – you end up finding yourself.  Big hug! 

To my beloved friends Christina and Shaquana,  thank you for allowing me to grieve and forgive myself. Thank you for a friendship that reminds me that imperfect is the best kind of perfect. 

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