@ShashaSelflove 8/29/17 – Above It All

Somedays, you just have to do it. It isn’t that you are better than anyone or that you have some place of entitlement in your inner circle. It is more a sense of duty to not allow good people being bullied. Regardless of what the dynamics are, doing the right thing may be admitting someone in the room is wrong – that person may or may not be you. 
I like to see good people win, they don’t often do. They often give of themselves and unfortunately these good souls get taken advantage of by those who only have that very intention. It has been done to me and I have seen to many around me go through it as well. Issue being, that once you stick up for yourself the very same people that wanted to take advantage of you will call you selfish. It isn’t selfish to stop someone from taking advantage of you, it isn’t wrong to inform them that you see them taking advantage of others. Sometimes putting someone in check is exactly what needed to happen a long time ago. 

Staying positive during these observations is very hard. It makes you think everyone is out to get everyone, but rest assured that just how you are giving and caring others are as well. There are really good people out there, they are strangers who then become friends and then become family. They are walking by a meter that is about to expire and put in a quarter. They smile at old ladies and hold doors for no other reason than they are decent. 

Don’t hestitate to put someone who is trying to take advantage of you or others in their place. It is an act of self respect and to a certain extent it is showing that there is character in doing the right thing. Stay positive my friends! Big hug!

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3 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 8/29/17 – Above It All

  1. Sometimes is us thats taking advantage of others as well. We need to beaware of oursurrounds and step up to being that advocate for other and toward ourselves! Thx

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