@ShashaSelflove 9/12/17 – And It’s Alright 

The expectations that are placed on our backs are usually for others to carry. Whether it be cultural, religious or traditional there seems to be pressure to be “happy” in the way that others perceive happiness to be. They theorize that you being in their situation would make you happy, “you need to get married like me” or even better “you need to live the life I am living so you can be happy”,  but is the person speaking to your happy? Your responsibility isn’t with the behavior of others, you are only responsible for your behavior and response.  Hence, you can yes them to death and walk away – knowing your truth. Or, which I don’t recommend, you can go into a full fledged philosophical debate that we both know they won’t understand. Still with me? At the end of the day, it is alright. People can think what they want, but you have your version of happiness and as long as you can go home and live in that, it is the bottom line that no one can take from you.  

It isn’t that the cup is half empty or half full, it is that you have a cup. Which is a lot more that what most people have. The vessel that you are can take in – information, science, love, emotions. There are people that simply can’t,  they have guarded themselves in such a way that the possibility of receiving or in our example having their cup filled, frightens them. That is their ax to grind, you can only show them what it is like to be free. You can only wish them well on their journey and hope that one day they will take the walls that they have built down. They reject you today, that is alright, they are on their own path. 

So, don’t get hung up on not meeting the expectations of others. Don’t blame yourself when others reject you because of their own hang ups. Just continue steady on your journey, you’ve got things to get done. Big hug!

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