@ShashaSelflove 9/05/17 – The Ex Files

So I asked for topics on Instagram and YouTube, the first one that was requested was, “Do you get back together with your ex?”, really?! Just make it hard from the jump guys! So here it goes and good luck to us all!

The issue is that we look back in time with rose colored glasses,  with a nostalgia that makes our brain put aside all of the insanity that caused the relationship to end. For some of us, we have selective memories about how the relationship actually played out. Remember thay time she keyed your car? Or that day he put up a profile on a dating app and your friend showed it to you? Remember when she never said thank you for a single thing? Or that time he accused you of having him investigated but there is no way that is possible, remember that? No? How? 

Well, we have a tendency to want to be comfortable, your ex is the devil that you know. It is easy to get back together because you know how they move and you also have the false hope that because so much time has been invested into each other they will no longer conduct the behavior that caused a breakup. But, patterns of behavior are an indication of future acts, are there exceptions – yes, but very few. 

So, I am sure you have figured it out by now – getting back together with an ex is a big no. Because you deserve someone that valued you enough not to put themselves in a predicament to lose you.  You are worthy of a fresh start with someone new, it may seem scary but all new endeavors are. I know that it may be tempting to welcome this person back into your life especially in those moments where you want a companion and you want to pick up where you thought you were going. But I want you to give yourself an opportunity to a fresh start with a new person. Stay positive and stay grounded. Big Hug!

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