@ShashaSelflove 9/19/17 – Right Before It Never Happened

It started coming towards you; that thing – what you have always been waiting for. It started hatching, the sudden wiggle of life starting to stir as you saw the outer shell cracking slowly. All of the sudden, there was no movement, no signs of life. And just like that, the thing that was supposed to blossom in front of you didn’t.  It’s quite sad when you sit alone and go over the plans you had imagined, when they are no longer, and it isn’t clear why.

It isn’t like there was a relationship. There were just hopes of one. That job was supposed to resolve so many woes and it slipped away, even though it seemed to be tailored for you. It is a crap deal. You lose, and it sometimes seems like that is always the case. “When is it going to be me? When will I finally be allowed to get a break?” – painful questions that should somehow be answered. I want you to rest your head on one fact: it wasn’t your fault.

You gave it your all and with the best of intentions. You presented your best effort towards obtaining that golden moment that you have longed for. It escaped you, and I can only think that perhaps you weren’t ready for it, or it wasn’t ready for you. No matter what it may be – a relationship, a job, or a goal… the truth is this: what we want in our lives may not always be what we need.

It happened, but it didn’t, because plans were made and never executed. We had envisioned what it would be like. And it kills us to know that what we contemplated will never be. Let it go because staying stuck isn’t an option. By remaining fixated on the possibility you could be blinding yourself to opportunities. Stay peaceful , stay positive and a Big Hug!


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