@ShashaSelflove 11/07/17 – Choose

Sometimes you have to make a choice and standing behind your choice takes guts. Being brave enough to stand your ground often comes at a consequence, but if you are standing up for what is right it also has rewards. 

It happens all the time, we are jammed in situations and we feel completely stuck. Bad relationship or a bad supervisor, it adds stress to your everyday and takes away years from your life. So, I would take a page from every politician out there – find the loophole! You can be a leader even if you have poor leadership around you. Those that are doing it wrong can be an example of what not to do and those that are good at what they are doing are your beacon. It doesn’t matter if it is work, finances or relationships. You are the leader in your life and you have the opportunity to choose to what levels you want to take this life to. 

I have been watching waaaaaaaay to many Tedx Talks, so my brain is like a hamster in a wheel. I also am in the planning stages of my next move. So it spoke to me when I was learning about bypassing the ego (of those around you) and addressing productivity in the work place. The speaker was a woman who focused on taking drama out of your life, mostly at work. Isn’t that where you spend most of your time? Are you reading this at work right now? The speaker focused on how wasting time on “Drama” took away from the work that needed to get done.

So I thought about all the areas of my life, I saw how certain people brought drama to me in my work and personal life. I saw how I clearly have a choice to stop allowing this to seep into my ears. I have the opportunity to stop them from renting room in my head space, by simply instructing them to go somewhere else with their nonsense. And we all have the opportunity to do that with so many issues that surround us. Work is just one example, but we can carefully think about the best decision for us and stick to it. Empower yourself to make choices for a healthier you! You deserve to be free from fear of making a choice and be committed to making choices that edify you. Stay positive and remind yourself that this is an act of self love! Big Hug!

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