@ShashaSelflove 11/22/17 – For It All

No matter what comes your way, it all happens for a reason. People, traumas, events and epiphanies. They all serve you a greater purpose than you can fully appreciate.  While living through your trials and turbulence, take a breath. It can seem overwhelming at times because you are just trying to push through.  Tend to yourself and acknowledge that what is coming up against you is losing.  

For all the things be grateful,  the pain and the joy. The moments that make your head spin and your heart ache. They are teaching you, they are taking note of this instance. 

For it all, appreciate the enormous challenge that is living a daring life. Living a life where you reject being average or mediocre.  Recognize the strength you have demonstrated in your journey,  don’t make less of it. 

As we celebrate what we have,  show grace in knowing that we have to be thankful for what we don’t have. It is a wise moment when we are able have peace with in our path. 

Thank you and a very happy Thanksgiving,  I am grateful for this platform and your participation.  May you fill your bellies with warm food and your heart with joy. Big hug!

email: shasha.selflove@gmail.com

IG, Snap Chat, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube: Shasha Selflove


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