@ShashaSelflove 12/20/17 – Be Intentional

I want to fill in the blank, literally. I walk into the room with all my thoughts, my static energy and exhaustion. I have an outline and talking points and then I read the room. No one is receiving me, if anything they are making a clear point to drown me out. I came in ready to find solutions, discuss concerns and take in suggestions – you know a productive back and forth.  It hits me that my voice has to be drowned out, not because I am wrong about my information, but because once people receive information they are going to be responsible for it. 
I am frustrated beyond words. This leads to two possible responses from me 1. I can shut down and just put myself on a shelf 2. I can make all aware that I am being interrupted and that my ideas are just as valuable as theirs.  I can be intentional. 

That is where I am right now. I am articulating a point to let those around me know that I am onto their scheme,  because at the end of the day they don’t want to get the message. I am sure many of us have gone through it at work and at home. Your attempt to communicate is blocked because those that are meant to receive it just don’t want to. I have decided to be direct with my emails because you can’t interrupt that. I have decided to not ask permission to get my point across and I have also decided to go “by the book”, because you can’t argue with facts.  I will sleep very well knowing that my integrity is intact. Be bold and be intentional my friends. Big Hug! 

email: shasha.selflove@gmail.com

IG, Snapchat,  Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter: Shasha Selflove 

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