@ShashaSelflove 1/03/18 – Get The Spark

Getting tired is a normal part of life, we work ourselves into a bad immune system and stress sweats. When we finally get it all together we put it all down and promise ourselves that we will never do that again. Putting tasks down can often lead to stopping productivity all together. But you love when made you so exhausted, that is why you invested so much into it. I think there is a way to keep the spark without burning yourself to the ground. 

I do it, we all do, we work feverishly to make sure every last detail is where it is supposed to be. File this, email that and don’t forget to pick up those. But who is taking care of the details that involve self care? Are you still stressing while you are no longer on task? Have you done all you can do? Do you understand that there are items that are out of your control? I ask you because I ask myself all the time. I find it hard to let go,  I keep going over details and double checking.  The presentation of my efforts means something, but I work myself to exhaustion. So I am learning as well. 

I cannot adapt to the “it is what it is” attitude.  I admire people who can, how do they do that? I would think that they do all they can and then let go. They get back to it and even if the result isn’t spectacular – they recognize themselves for putting in a fair amount of effort. They don’t burn themselves out because they know there is more work coming. Possibly,  this is the secret. Maybe. 

I want us all to celebrate our works, but also not burn our sparks out. Balance and self care will take us to all of our challenges. Love yourself because you are worthy and forgive yourself when you are so hard on your effort. Big hug!

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4 thoughts on “@ShashaSelflove 1/03/18 – Get The Spark

  1. Double check how challenges is spelled. 👍 I really like the length of this post and how strongly organized it is. I find that sometimes autocorrect makes me look bad and sometimes I miss words when I’m writing as I type thinking the words are all there but I miss one

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