@ShashaSelflove 1/9/18 – Running Towards Your Purpose

I have been connecting with my purpose, in itself a purpose goes far beyond beliefs or ideas. It speaks to your core in a way that wakes you up and heightens your senses – it is the siren that calls you. Opinions aside, there is something that each of us are designed to do. Whether it be the mother figure, encouragement giver or distributor of wisdom – you will always find your way to your purpose.  

Fight it all you want, you somehow end up back where you are supposed to be. You can delay it and deny that you are apt for the task. But you are apt, your path has been preparing you for the next level of your life and it isn’t for you to delay or be passive about. The more you side step it, the more it steps up to you and demands your action. 

Most times we hold back because we are scared, I understand that completely. I am on the cusp of some major changes and I get nervous when I think about it. I am no longer afraid to take a step into my purpose, I also broke out in hives when I thought about where I am walking towards (it was either that or a new allergy to peanut butter).  Hives and all, I will open myself to the opportunity to grow. We cannot allow our fears to hold us where we no longer belong. 

It is going to make you shake a little, but don’t let it stop you. Where you are supposed to go will reveal itself to be the cure for what has been ailing you. Allow yourself new beginnings, new experiences and faith in yourself that you are worthy of such chances. That is where you are supposed to be – go! Big Hug!

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