@ShashaSelflove 2/06/18 – Disengage

You hold in you a great power, one you probably didn’t even know you had. Many of us are unaware of the greatness we harbor in the corners of our existence. This power can lay hidden and unused until one day you are rummaging in your tool box and you find it. It was always there, it was always an option and you may have never thought of it. Let me tell you something, you have the power to disengage.
There is no greater survival mechanism than being able to take control of a situation. Not flight, not fight. It can be the act of ending. The situation can be killed off by simply refusing to give it more fuel. Perfect example of this is toxic relationships, why do we continue to engage in these relationships that suck the will to live out of our veins? We have these toxic persons remaining with us, we invite them to our events, we stay in friendships with them and we even ask for their advice. Why? You curse and complain about their ways, but you won’t put and end to the their participation in your life. Because you have so many years of (fill in the blank) together? Has it occurred to you that their season in your life has ended? Whatever was there has had its moment and it is time to step away. You aren’t abandoning anyone, you aren’t turning your back – you are going into the next step of your life and you have no obligation to take this negativity with you. Some will carry over to the next steps in your life and others won’t.

I want you to think about what the people in your life take away from you, not at those that give to you. Are they taking your sleep? Your peace? Your smile? It is going to be rough at first, but trust that you will push through. Keep those that strengthen you, empower you, believe in you and keep you positive. You are worthy of such company. Big hug!

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