@ShashaSelflove 2/13/18 – Seek Failure

The vast landscape of opportunities that are available to you are plentiful, whether it be personal or professional – you have chances and decisions to make. Part of the experience of walking along your path is failure. I am not going to give you instructions on how to avoid failure, maybe curve it if you can, but I will tell you to embrace failure with both arms. Why? Because the lessons that are worth learning usually come through your worst failures. Riding high and always winning give you a false sense of reality. Please rest in this thought when you are battered by your circumstances – your best success is fruit of your greatest failures.

One of my favorite singers in the world is Stevie Wonder, Ribbon in the Sky versed clearly “We can lose with God on our side”, words that took me a long time to fully understand until I found myself in a dark moment. Losing was part of the experience, learning was the reward from the experience and a lesson I still walk with today. I had to lose, because there was no other way for me to get what I needed. Granted, the scorch of experience never ceases fade, if it had not been that impressive I may have not absorbed what I needed and made the same mistake again.

As difficult as it may seem, be still during trials and tribulations. We tend to want to act, because the pain causes despair and despair causes panic. Embrace the fail. Stay focused on the fact that every test in life is sharpening the tools you have and giving you new ones. Stay positive because every failure is also part of your journey and what you learned 10 steps ago is helping you on the step you are taking now. Big Hug!

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