@ShashaSelflove 2/27/18 – Transcend Your Pain

So the feeling had been at bay. It didn’t bother you for a long time – living, traveling, laughing, eating and working gave you plenty of distraction. Taking pictures with your camera or cell phone, that instant upload gives people on your friends list a glimpse to where you are and what you have been up to. Smiling into the camera lets those that care about you know you are okay. Checking into a fabulous restaurant gets you likes and virtual high fives. You are good. But then – it happens, the lull gets long and silent. Whereas there was no empty, the pause between events gets extended. The space between you and others seems to be a gaping chasm. When did this happen?

It happened when you started getting ready for the next phase of your life. Just how you grow out of certain situations, you can also start to get ready to grown into something as well. All of a sudden you seek a different level of interaction. A deeper bond is missing, you are no longer fulfilled in things or places. You don’t have deep conversations while running toward the gate at the airport. You have them when you are open to having them. When someone strikes you enough to discuss Marks, Socrates, Mandela and frozen yogurt.

I am not knocking those that are in different phases of their life. But once you decide to transcend your pain, something in your desires to be in a different situation. When you are finally ready to open yourself up to the opportunity to allowing someone into a private place in your life, it is a big step. When the opportunity presents itself, fearlessly flinging yourself is not exactly wise. Being crippled by fear isn’t an answer either. As with all things, there is a chance it can go well or be a total disaster – allow yourself the opportunity. You are worthy I being given love and experiencing your best life. Consent to having it. Big Hug!

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