@ShashaSelflove 3/09/18 – Back of the Room


We have to be honest with one another, when you are doing your best – others are watching. They are either cheering you or waiting to steal away from your shine.  What is the best response? Do nothing? Address them head on? Wait and watch? The option that I usually go with is to keep doing what I was doing and let karma get to them.

I won’t sit on the side lines, waiting to see of the anvil falls on them. I have so much on my schedule most days that I forget to have lunch. I don’t sleep well because my mind keeps going and my muscle are sore. So my spending time on people who speak ill of me or have wronged me simply doesn’t fit in my schedule. I’d rather catch up with good friends and sleep than think about how to get back at them.
Why spend time on something you can’t change? Some people have been miserable way before you ever met them. So you experiencing their ‘personality” can only serve you as a point of reflection. As a method to show you what happens when someone is frustrated, stuck and takes out their faults on others. Let them motivate you to never become like them – the example of what happens when you don’t continue on the path you are meant to be on.
If someone is wronging you, create as much distance as you can and move forward. Your plans are set for you, your path is littered with good and helpful people that are waiting for you. Achieve fulfillment through your goals and worry not about who is or is not watching. You have a lot of greatness to get to, carry on! Big Hug!
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