@ShashaSelflove 3/20/18 – The Audacity

I received a phone call, “Ms. S, don’t you think your email was..um I don’t know…you aren’t anyone’s supervisor. It sounds, supervisory, your tone seems..well…it just may rub people the wrong way.” No one else took issue with the email. Not even my actual supervisor. But, see I stepped out of the line, people have certain expectations of you. When you are a woman, Latina and short – people think you don’t have permission to defend yourself.

They view you as having to behave within their standards and deviating from that shocks them. I had to audacity step out of the rules that I wasn’t aware of, that someone else thought they could impose on me. Sounds like their issue, not mine. It isn’t yours either. If you have to straighten things out, because an issue is affecting your life, your work or your health – you have every right to speak up in self defense. Anyone trying to muffle you, is part of the problem.

Stay positive, stay professional and stay humble. Humility is not the money in your pocket, it is the attitude you have. Build up your strengths and your case – because when you have the audacity to speak up people are going to argue that you have no right to do so. Have your articulation loaded and ready to go. Your journey is teaching you bravery, embrace it. Big hug!
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