@ShashaSelflove 3/29/18 – Stay True


Sorry for the late entry, life has gotten busier than I could have expected. At full disclosure, life as a patient never gets “carefree”, you have some spans of time where you are on auto pilot and things are smooth. But times when you have turbulence on the flight of life, the oxygen masks drop and you need to breathe in hard. During these moments, I have decided to be me and stay true to who I am as a person. If I need an advocate, I am my own advocate – because I need to make decisions that will improve my chances of being on auto pilot longer. As we say in my neighborhood, “keep it real”.

Hence, here we are. It is Thursday and the weather is crummy in NYC today. It feels like it has been the longest week ever. I have had to deal with the “isms” the week – sexism, racism and classism. Navigating through these challenges can make you grind your teeth and yank all your hair out. But my stance has been to stay true to who I am and who I am is a person that calls things by their name. I had to inform someone that their racist view and treatment had been observed and it not something that is tolerated. They didn’t expect it and because they had been allowed to behave in such a way for so long, they were very bold about justifying their behavior. They most certainly didn’t expect me to call it by its name, I am not going to allow you to think it is ok.

Stay true to who you are, your integrity and wisdom allow you to do so. So far we have experienced so much and even when we failed, we held ourselves together – willing to learn. Don’t allow a situation to get you out of your character, breath deep and clear your head. Stay positive and rest assured that you will get through whatever you are up against because you already know what you have overcome. Big hug!

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