@ShashaSelflove 4/11/18 – Declined

Being single has its checks and balances. Yes, I get the whole bed to myself. And I can order just the chocolate cake for dinner and not get a weird look. Also, I can write my blog over dinner without being rude to the person in front of me. But…I don’t know how to go to the movies by myself without feeling uncomfortable (who’s the weird girl eating chocolate cake in the corner).

We attempt to put ourselves out of our comfort zones in an effort to get to the next step of our journey. At work, we take on special projects to push ourselves and prove that we are capable. We go to the gym after work and burn off all the stress of the day. We go out on the date, nervous as can be and not sure what will come of it. Here is the deal, even when we put in our all – we can still be declined. So why try at all? What is the point?
If my journey has taught me anything, is that my greatest failures have opened the door to my greatest breakthroughs. Granted, it is difficult to work so hard and see others move up and I stay in the same position. But, someone will notice my effort, someone will realize that I do quality work. Until then, my all will continue to go in. I will continue to go on first dates until someone asks me on a second date (don’t worry I will not write my blog in front of them over dinner).
Push through, not matter what. Remember that you will be declined and you have the right to decline offers that are made to you as well. Rest assured that your efforts are not in vain, your failures are only a fail if you stay down – they are leading you where you need to be. Big hug!

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