@ShashaSelflove 4/17/18 – In Silence

steveMy mother always told me, “Never share your plans, envy will smother them” she is right – she usually is. But honestly, I have learned that I don’t have to explain my plans to anyone. Where I am going, what my dreams are, what I want to get into are none of anyone’s business but my own. It is perfectly okay to keep your aspirations close to your heart, for so many reasons – if at all to not be discouraged from achieving your goals.

How many times have we shared our plans to someone and been shot down? “Don’t do that, that takes so much work”, I have heard it said to me and others. Discouraging words are not necessarily about you – they are about others not having the initiative or dedication to follow through on their goals. But you do and because they don’t, they would not like to see you or others push themselves to the next level. The doubts of others are not for you to carry. The naysayers have their own baggage and you cannot make that yours.

Your journey is very much marked, the path is laden with hills and valleys. Those are meant to make you wiser, stronger and grateful. The path could have given you nothing but hills or just valleys – but because you are going to great places it gives you everything you need. Be encouraged and keep going. Not only are you a challenge to yourself but you are also an example to those that are struggling to stay positive. Those that envy are watching carefully, but those that need inspiration are looking too. Big Hug!

A very special hug to Carlton J. Smith, keep singing, keep inspiring and keep thriving!

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