@ShashaSelflove 5/01/18 – Gratitude and Grace

20150720153529-thank-you-gratitude-signYou can tell how good people are to others but the way they are loved. Last week I celebrated the great 38, so many people – friends from years ago that have become family and new members of my tribe showed me more love than I could have ever expected. I was starting to write a totally different blog, this week – I had to take a pause and give recognition to how absolutely humbled I am to be on the receiving end of such beautiful affection. 

I am rough around the edges, I recognize that completely. I have days where I just want to hug my coffee and take a nap. Other days I am so focused on my ambition that I don’t reach back to those that took the time to check in with me. Most days I try my best, but there are days that are actually weeks and I will draft a text that I thought I sent. It sits on my phone in “draft” but I am going so fast that I don’t realize it. Most of my fumbles are unintentional.
All of this being said, this moment of reflection has been a source of peace for me. I encourage you to meditate on the amazing, patient and caring people you have in your life. In a small way, let them know you appreciate them – it could be a hand written letter mailed to their home or a text. As we continue on our journeys, gratitude and grace comes from a deep rooted understanding of humility. Stay positive in knowing that as many people are trying to stall you, there are just as many – if not more, cheering you on. Big Hug!
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